Zachary Levy has been a country music disc jockey, a patented inventor, a cameraman for Oprah and 60 Minutes, and is the creator of the best-selling Bush Cards.

He is a graduate of Columbia University. STRONGMAN is his first feature film.



Begged, borrowed, and cobbled together with duct tape and friendship, I'm grateful the film got made with the spirit it needed. In lieu of proper credits on the film itself—want to give a big shout out to everyone, my friends and acquaintances that put in time holding the boom pole or gave encouragement during any of the (long) stages of this film. I don't know if this film would be here without any of you...

In particular big shout outs to Bennett Miller for your early support... Ross for doing sound on those first bunch of shoots... Peter for calling at those key times when I felt most alone... John O'Hagan for your encouragement... Ramin for reminding me not to get sidetracked by the cards... Ben and Joe (and Bob Bryan too)—for the days and long nights you put in, I couldn't ask for better people to share some of that craziness with... Vic of course... Francisco for always asking up on the big man... Bevin!... Paul Rachman...Ragnar!... Greg Henry for the post help, Billy Shebar, the fine folks at COA for loaning the wirelesses, Al Maysles for your kind words—I feel blessed! Colin for the car!!! My mother for the car!!! Amanda for the car!!! (and of course for the other support too over the years)... Penny Lang / Heidi Flemming for the music ... A huge hug and at this point, at least 2 pitchers of beer to Joe Maggio—your generosity and enthusiasm made all the difference at the end.

I can't say enough how honored I am that so many talented people were so generous in donating their time and good wishes. Thank you!

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